Hermeticism, the Origin of Trispectivism


Tehuti_hermesWhen I lived in Guatemala and attended to a retreat center called “Las Pirámides del Ka” I was recommended a book about an interesting perspective of life. The book concerned an ancient philosophy known as Hermeticism, which was formed from writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. One of the many websites devoted to Hermeticism states that “The Hermetists believe and teach that The All, “in itself,” is and must ever be Unknowable. They regard all the theories, guesses and speculations of the theologians and metaphysicians regarding the inner nature of The All as but the childish efforts of mortal minds to grasp the secret of the Infinite.” This passage refers to the Kybalion philosophy on Gnostic. The Kybalion is one interpretation of the Hermetist All (you can find a link here, chapter IV). I do not agree, however, to the idea that the writing is too…

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Kungsbacka Forest

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Kungsbacka Forest


You might look at this image and think it was made in Photoshop with a motion blur. In fact, the image is straight-out-of-the-camera (SOOC). Sometimes an image like this is called “panning”, but in this case it is more like “active shifting”. So, I used a 24mm tilt-shift lens to create the motion effect. With an exposure time of 1 second, I had enough time to rapidly shift the lens from low to high during the exposure. This was the result. With a tilt-shift lens (which is a specialty lens mostly used in architectural realism photography because it allows your vertical lines to remain perfectly straight), it is very important to set the camera perfectly aligned with the horizon and level. So when you shift the lens the lines remain straight.  In this case the lines are the trees. Enjoy! – Mabry

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